Happy Nurturing Day

It’s Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate mothers. They raised us, provided solace and support and were always there when we needed them. Even mothers who have left this earthly realm still have influence in our lives. I love my mom and I miss her every day (note present tense; just because my mom’s not here doesn’t mean I stop loving her). Today, I celebrate her and all other nurturers.


(wee me with my exhausted mom)

There are more mothers out there than are celebrated today. The commom definition of “mother” is “a female parent.” Another more important one is “providing parental stock, without reference to sex.” Today, I celebrate people who are in nurturing roles.

(my youngest's furry child)

(my youngest’s furry child)

Mothering is caring for another. We all nurture someone, something. It may be a child, it may be a pet or a plant, it may be a friend. It may even be a car (yeah, I’ve known guys who loved their cars more than anyone else, lol). In that sense, everyone is entitled to celebrate today.

To all of you who care for a loved one, whether it’s your human child or furry one, whether it’s your plant or car, Happy Nurturing Day!

(Part two will be on Father’s Day 🙂 )


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