I’m Tweeting Like a Bird

I started a new Twitter account as a dare from my friend UK Jinko. Because of my short attention span when writing, he threatened to start a pool.


He knows I can write because he’s read my stories and books. His criticism is a bit harsh, but his advice is very good. He doesn’t hold back, even if he is a little pissy sometimes. Hence, the September Twitter challenge.

We’ve been online friends for a number of years. I first met him when we were both writing for Rutger Hauer (yes, that Rutger Hauer, the only Roy Batty).


The Real Roy Batty

Our friendship evolved into what it is today; no sugar coating, no fear of hurting feelings, truth so raw it could be dipped in ranch dressing. UK Jinko is his pseudonym. In a moment of weakness nine years ago, he told me his real name. His alias is much better.


He knows I’ve had writer’s apathy for the past few years. I start a story and quickly lose interest. I finish short stories but have little motivation to edit them into a collection.

He suggested Twitter as a way to give my brain a needed “enema to clear out s**te.” Brain-popping 140 characters a day isn’t that hard. I jumped the gun and started a few days ahead of the bet. And I anted up to more than one tweet daily because, surprisingly, it’s fun.

Join me on my Twitter quest if you will. I promise I’ll tap-dance 140 or less characters for you twice a day.

Click me, I’m on Twitter



About kindaday

Writer, Cynic, Activist, Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Sugar Addict, Normal is boring. Life is interesting. Politicians put me to sleep. Coffee is my crack. Thank you, Columbia.
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