The Rule of 18

Raising a child is a delicate balance.

1. Obedience and Defiance
Listen to those who have more wisdom / Question what you hear without hesitation

2. Acceptance and Challenge
Stand down for the beliefs of others / Defend your own beliefs

3. Curiosity and Caution
You will never stop learning. Never / Not all lessons are good

4. Pride and Humility
You are the king of your world / There are many worlds with many kings

5. Independence and Accountability
You have freedom to become anything / Freedom is not free; you must own your choices

6. Compassion and Strength
Empathize with others, understand their pain / Need versus want; know when to say “no”

7. Laughter and Tears
Laugh every day; joy is a natural high / Sadness helps your heart grow

8. Sympathy and Disdain
Your heart and mind work together; trust them both / Feel apathy toward actions, not people

9. Clouds and Gravity
When you dream, always dream big / Temper your desires with your reality

10. Pick and Choose
Never fear going against the flow in life / Sometimes life makes your choices for you

11. Apples and Oranges
“Apple and orange … in the end, we all fruit” (Thanks, Gus!) / Some apples and oranges are bitter

12. Family and Friends
Family will always be the home in your heart / Your truest friends become part of your family

13. Gifts and Grifts
Be proud of your achievements / Never take credit you didn’t earn; theft is a dark path

14. Kisses and Shrugs
Ask first; always wait for an affirmative answer / No means No; look it up in the dictionary

15. Skins and Bones
Be Who You Are; celebrate yourself fearlessly / Judge others on what’s inside, not outside

16. Pirate and Princess
Be bold and brave when the need arises / True diplomacy is fighting a fight without fighting

17. Love and Loss
Love openly and without bias / Life is a Dance of Change and we all learn new steps

18. Life and Death
Live fully, live well, live for this day / Don’t live in fear of the end; it is a new beginning


Running with Pumpkins

Part of being a grandparent is you can take a step back. In my case, I’m directly involved in my grandson’s life. It’s a privilege and a great responsibility to guide a child.

I like to think I did well with my adult children; looking back, they were raised by the “Rule of 18,” though I didn’t realize it at the time. I am proud of them.

My Three Kids: a Teacher (for the mind), a Nurse (for the body) and an Activist (for the soul). While I can’t take all the credit, I’ll take some 🙂

© 2017 JDL


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Writer, Cynic, Activist, Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Sugar Addict, Normal is boring. Life is interesting. Politicians put me to sleep. Coffee is my crack. Thank you, Columbia.
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